Madison Seating / Terrible Company

GA, United States

I ordered an OTTOMAN seating from this company on March 6..
They sent me an email saying that the item will be delivered by March 15.
Several days passed and I had not received the item. I contacted them several times but I always got the same response. The item was shipped.
Finally today, after asking me them for several times, I received a new email with a shipping company's name called MIDATLANTIC MVG and a new track number. However, in the email there was no web link to this company. I called Madision people and asked them for the link. They said that they do not provide web links and I should do GOOGLE search and find the link myself. So I did. Of course, there does not exist any web site for that company except on google I found tons of complaints about that shipping company. I called Madison people back. This time the manager called MICHAEL gave me a tel number to call. I called that number and of course there was no answer.

You can imagine my frustration..

This company, MADISON SEATING, has no right to operate in this country.

They are terrible and unprofessional. I do hope somebody will use them and close them down because they will hurt many more people in the future.

They should be penalized and I do hope they will go bankrupt soon.
They are simply terrible.

Please avoid them.
In the mean time please pray for me ;-) so that I will receive my item.
You never know maybe this was another scam from these people.


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