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I used a casino website called Luxury Casino. I started off by depositing £20 (UK Pounds Sterling) and was also given a £20 bonus as I was a first time user on this site. I got lucky and got up to £350, so I tried to withdraw my money. As I went to the section where you withdraw your money there was a message saying my account wasn't activated and I had to activate my account. I could this by sending a copy of my driving licence or passport to their email address, in brackets it said that this could take up to 24 hours or by making another deposit. I decided to make another deposit as I did not want to wait. After making another £20 deposit I was still getting the same message about sending a copy of my driving licence or passport to their email address or by making another deposit. I then sent a copy of my driving licence to their email address. This seemed to work and my account was validated soon after sending the email, but I still could not withdraw my money as another message then came up saying I had not reached the limit I needed to gamble to make a withdrawal. I carried on gambling and got up to £623 and could still not make a withdrawal, so I contacted the live chat team. They told me that I had only gambled £188 and had to gamble another £460 to make a withdrawal. I told them that I had gambled much more than that and they sent me a list of different percentages for different games on their casino. It seemed that some games only counted 2% towards my withdrawal allowance and that slot machines counted 100% towards my withdrawal allowance. I then started playing on the slot machines and could make a withdrawal till I got up to £850. I then gambled a bit more and got up to £1000, then decided to withdraw my money. The money was taken out of my account, but there was a message saying that the withdrawal was pending and could be reversed. I logged back into my account the next day and it was still saying that the withdrawal was pending and could be reversed. I then contacted the live chat team again to find out why my withdrawal was still pending and how long it will take to get my money. They told me that withdrawn funds always stay pending for 2 days to allow you to reverse the funds, then they get sent onto my card which takes 3 working days. I then tried logging back onto my account a few days later, but it was saying that my account had been locked. I then contacted their customer services team who looked into my account and told me that it had been locked by the risk management team. I had to email them to find out why my account had been locked. I asked them for a phone number, but they said that they haven't got any phones in their office and I could only contact them by email. I emailed them and spoke to them on a few mails, and they are trying to say that they will not give me my money because of a breach of bonus account terms and conditions of the casino, but their terms and conditions make it almost impossible for you to cash out any money by accepting their bonus. Luxury Casino is run by casino rewards who I believe are licences by you. Could you please look into their terms and conditions which are unfair.If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.Kind RegardsQaiser Malik

May 18, 2015
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  • An
      9th of Nov, 2016

    I will cut tne first part of my story... withdrawals.. oct29, 2016... since i knew they would need proof of identification, i already sent them before they ask me. Talked to an support agent and told me all is fine, i recorded every chats i had with and you will see all my conversation with them. Screenshots and emails i am going to provide. First withdrawal, $600 and $450 total of $1050... then they told me of 2 days pending for a chance to be reversed by me. Of ourse i did not touch it for 2 days. Pending should be gone but nope, i received emails asking for ID and utility bills. Told i already did sent them my passport and drivers photocopy and a copy of utility bills. Now there asking for my bank information because that is the method i chose.i sent them my bank information. 4days had gone by, now they are asking for a voided check. Why should i give them a voided check, i use paysafe to deposit money to there account. Instead of void check i sent them my bank statement. Now they told me there is something wrong with my bank account, i gave them my bank direct deposit that i have been using for more than a year. They said it is wrong. One department after another support, riskmanagement, and payme ts alternately asking all over again for the same requirements saying they did not re eive .10days now, they are still verifying my account, insisting for a voided check. I never use cheque. I sent them a picture of my debit card, bank info, uti
    Ity bills, ID, passport and they still need something to verify. Which i know for a fact, to verify is asking for a utility bill wihich will show your name and your current address. And im asking for a callback from either there manager or the owner but no luck. I tried calling them using the phone numbers on the web but ypu cant go thruogh.. i guess they are bogus. I want to file a complain. I hope they get punished. Why would they insist for voided check? Never used my bank to deposit i used a different institution, and before i make a deposit i registered my bank. Now, will it take this so much time just to verify. One screenshot will show you, an agent already went through my account or checked my file and said that im good to go, i will received my money in no time, and that was on the 2nd day of tne pending process of my withdrawals. Now 11 days, still nothing. Thry are scam.

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  • Yd
      2nd of Aug, 2017

    Hi my name is mr. randy ilagan from montreal and it happen to me. I received an email a money $1, 365 depositing to my bank account. because all the money I win and try to withdraw I never got them so when I saw that email I reverse withdrawal goes back to my casino account and I play max the game and I win $6, 500 then I withdraw my winning and and say my withdraw was successful after 9 days I still never got it so I email them and they said its confiscate all my money. I promise my grandmother that I will send her money to buy her medicine. my grandmother died I did not even had chance to see her to say goodbye I was soo mad I want to kill some body. but thats only goin to make it worst so I they in my bedroom and cried. [censor] I hope they all burn in hell

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  • Gs
      28th of Jan, 2018

    When I see these low minimum deposit players complaining about not being able to cash when accepting a bonus that is just BS. The Casino has protected itself against low rollers with these bonus T&C otherwise they would go broke within weeks. If you want to win and cash out just ask support to delete the bonus as then you have no play through requirement which can be high for certain games.

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  • Ca
      30th of Apr, 2018

    Yes I won 1020 canadian dollars and they dont pay out live chat leaves the chat when asked about this. casino rewards hides there [censored] hiding behind a license of a indian reservation in quebec canada go to interpol so they can look into the matter as the rcmp wont do a [censored] thing. I am filing for a class action suit against casino rewards join me brent jonson

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  • Ri
      17th of May, 2018

    @casino123 what do you need for others to join you in the class action Brent, or are you still pursuing it. We too have had a small win refused on some bogus technicality and an even more bogus logic response from Risk management at Casino rewards. They were fine with taking the money, not so good at paying it out!!! I see many others having variations of the same problem. What a scam, would love to see a class action. Please let us know how to join you in this. Doug and Michelle

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  • Ca
      13th of Sep, 2018

    @RippedOffByCasinoRewards i complained to the gaming authority Monday and there getting my money for me by Sept 20th

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  • Be
      6th of Aug, 2018

    I actually am having a hard time getting a refund on a deposit. Signed up to Zodiac Casino and made a deposit, then my account was blocked without ever being allowed to play. Turns out that they are affiliated with Casino Action which i had self excluded from. Somehow i was able to sign up and make a deposit but now the Risk Management wont answer my emails and refund my 50cad. Pretty frustrated and chat keeps telling me to wait for Risk Management to respond. Its been over a week and still no answer.

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  • Ce
      10th of Aug, 2018

    Casino Rewards, shares ALL your information with third parties even though they say that don't. I was getting calls from India, emails from different banks based over seas via my information sold to them from casino rewards! I spoke to Coraline to get my info removed and she declined, said flat out no, I reminded her that we have a privacy act in Canada and she has to remove it if I ask! Online Chat is overall a joke, they constantly re route you to different agents. I said "Good Morning" and I got a " I do not understand your request, I will transfer to a different agent"... are you serious!!! LOL

    Won money also took a month to get. Not worth the hassle! Stay clear of them!

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  • Lu
      27th of Sep, 2018

    Disgusting casino group. All of them Casino rewards groups includinf Luxery pay nothing hing. Been playing for 2 years and they are completely useless.
    All the daily winners that they post are nothing but BS!!!
    Closing all of my accounts.

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  • Ca
      28th of Sep, 2018


    This matter has been referred to me for response. The Commission’s Dispute Resolution Officer investigated the facts of your complaint against Casino Rewards and Golden Tiger and, on September 18, 2018, provided you a decision dismissing your complaint with reasons. The Commission supports this decision and has nothing further to add. The issues you have raised about “limitation periods” should be addressed to the entity or entities with which you contracted. I WOULD HAVE TO SAY THIS GUY IS KIND OF OUT OF TOUCH.MY GOD

    You have indicated that you have consulted with legal counsel and that you intend to initiate legal action against the Commission. Accordingly, will not engage in any further discussion with you directly but will respond promptly and vigorously to any proceedings received from your legal counsel.

    Murray Marshall

    Legal Counsel


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  • Ca
      28th of Sep, 2018


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