Lustig, Glaser & Wilsonfinal payments reported incorrectly to credit bureaus

This company is a complete fraud. They took me to court for not paying a bill. I submitted to them the amount that I was told to pay. Luckily, I have my checks as proof. When I check my credit report, it shows that I still owed a balance. When in fact, I don't. These people are a complete fraud and their licenses should be taken from them. Conveniently, they CANNOT be reached to dispute these numbers.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Needham, MA I have submitted a dispute to the credit agencies with copies of my checks to show proof that I paid everything that I was supposed to. They must have pocketed some of the money for themselves when in fact, the check was not made out to them. They are there to collect the money and pay the creditors. Yes, I know I should have paid them before it got to this point; however this agency is HORRIBLE and should be disbarred for their services as they are embezzling money.

Dec 02, 2018

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