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Lustig, Glaser & Wilson / final payments reported incorrectly to credit bureaus

Dec 02, 2018

This company is a complete fraud. They took me to court for not paying a bill. I submitted to them the amount that I was told to pay. Luckily, I have my checks as proof. When I check my credit report, it shows that I still owed a balance. When in fact, I don't. These people are a complete...

Lustig, Glaser & Wilson, P.C. / debt collection.

Mar 16, 2018

This is the most unprofessional firm. My mother has been trying to settle her debt with these people for months and no response. We have faxed power of attorney and nothing. Hired a lawyer to call on get behalf xero contact. Now my mother has to miss her dialysis today to go to court, when...

Lustig, Glaser & Wilson, P.C. / Predatory Collecting is the Flip SIde of Predatory Lending

Jul 25, 2016

Take a look at this people and send it to your State Reps. and get them on board. This was just passed by the State of NY and is up for passage in January CT. It is also a good guide to call their bluff on all counts mentioned in the proposed Bill... OLR Bill Analysis sHB 6173 AN ACT...

Lustig, Glaser & Wilson, P.C. / dont trust this company

Apr 09, 2012

Employees of this company use bad business practices every day. In order to obtain judgments it is OK for them to use deceptive and unfair methods. I already reported them to authorities but I want to make sure that no more people will encounter them.