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We ordered carpet last summer (approximately 1 year ago) and were super excited about the quality and service with the carpet installation. However, the problem with Luna began two weeks ago on August 17, 2016. Two weeks ago on August 17th, our sump pump went out for our AC unit and the condensation that drains into the pump leaked out on to our new carpet. Small area, but immediately, we pulled up the carpet that got wet and called Luna. We scheduled for a rep to come take a look and let us know what needed to be done. Luna couldn't get us scheduled for 5 days...not ideal, but we took their first available on Monday, August 22nd. The day, Monday, August 22nd came for the Luna person to come over and they never showed up!! The problem is not only that Luna didn’t show up, but nobody called from Luna to follow up that day. Since Luna didn’t show up or call, we called Luna to see what was going on. When we called, we were on hold for 1 ½ hours trying to figure out “why” and not one Luna representative knew what happened. Then, we were told by a customer service rep from Luna that someone would call us to take care of this problem, but nobody from Luna ever called. The next day came and I called Luna again on Aug. 23rd and I also sat on hold for ½ hour waiting for some help. Finally, I was talking with someone and they said that I would need to pay a $95.00 fee that would be applied when someone comes out and it would be applied to our purchase. I was livid! Are you kidding me, when my original appointment was set up, not one person mentioned any fee. The problem is not with fee, but the inconsistency and incompetence with their customer service! In addition, the inconvenience of my husband blowing a day of work waiting for Luna to show up. Finally, after much discussion, the customer service person said they would “waive” the fee and a new appointment was scheduled for later on that week on Saturday, August 27. Saturday, Aug. 27th came and we received a call from Luna stating that someone would be at our home between 1:00-6:00 PM. We were surprised at such a large time from, but we willing to wait because we needed advice on what to do w/ our carpet. Saturday 6:00 PM came and again no Luna representative ever came. I called Luna at 6:05 PM, after wasting a whole day, and they said that they didn’t know why no one came and that she would have someone give us a call on Monday. Nobody called from Luna on Monday, August 29th. They have our home number and cell! My husband called on Tuesday, August and spoke to another Luna customer service representative and we were told that someone would call by 6:00 on Wednesday. Got a call today (Wednesday), with a message that they can schedule another appointment, if we would like to pay the $95.00 fee. What?? This was supposed to be waived last time. I will never order from Luna again!! They do not take care of their customers. We were fully prepared to pay for new carpet/pad, etc. but nobody seems to know what they are doing! I would highly reconsider if you are thinking about Luna installing your new carpet. It is clear that customer service is not a priority with Luna.

Aug 31, 2016
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      Aug 31, 2016

    Great place for customers to provide valuable information and helping others find quality service!

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