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Purchased the introductory product, was charged with S&H $42.90. Which the product is worth, I like the product. Then 2 months later I have a charge of $59.99 on my Credit Card. I looked through the agreement over and over, there is not a word about $59.99 to be charged later. I call the company; I was told that they were very sorry but this is the cost and that there will be 2 more installments of $59.99 each subsequently charged for the product. This product IS NOT worth $209.
I am disputing this with my Credit Card Company due to no notice on the agreement as to these 3 monthly subsequent charges. Then I asked customer service to cancel my club membership and was told that they would have to charge my Credit Card $1.00 cancellation fee.
This is bogus and rudely corrupt. This company claims to be part of the BBB. If they are they should never be on the list of companies.

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  •   Nov 16, 2012

    "All this is yours today for only $29.95 to try for 30 days with FREE Shipping!
    Then when you love Luminess, it’s yours for only five easy monthly payments of fifty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents when you order today!"

    The infomercials also make it clear that it is multiple payments over several months for the device.

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  • La
      Oct 06, 2013

    IM sorry but I just watched the informercial & It Did NOT say anything about 5 payments if we liked the product. It only said $29.95 for the 30 day trial. I was going to try this product but after all the complaints, I Will NOT be tryin this product! They should not charge u unless u want to continue with the product & After You Explain How Much The Product Is! So Sad! Plus they're part of the BBB, that makes it even worst! It's A Real Shame! They could have so many more clients, that would stay with them if they didn't pull this b***s***!

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  • Li
      Feb 10, 2016

    I watched the infomercial this morning, thinking I would like to try it. Offer was for $19.95 for the 20th anniversary special 30-day trial. It did NOT say if you liked and kept the product, you agreed to make 5 payments of $59.99. Glad I looked for review and complaints. I don't need the headache of another online 30-day trial contingent upon a commitment to automatic 90-day supply refills -- unless you call and cancel. I would prefer to buy the product outright locally.

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