Luminess Air / Airbrush System

The product was ordered in 2015, I tried the system and make up products but within 2 days my skin started to get big hive like blisters on my chin. Immediately paid the postal service to send it back. The postal service said the exact return date so I contacted Luminess Aire with this information since I only had it less than a week. The customer service said I should have called before returning the product to get a restock number. I told her there was nothing on or in the ad or product box stating this information. I told her the reason for return was due to the blisters created in my chin by the product. She still charged the 24.95 for the one week possession when the ad explicitly states that you will be 100% refunded if not satisfied and product is returned by 30 days. They lied in the ad then lied through customer service then scam the $24.95 from my credit card. I have pictures of what this product did to my face. It's not a pretty picture nor has my skin healed and it has been almost 5 months. If this doesn't heal within the 6th month they definitely have a court case in their hands. Anyone want to join me? Never had blister breakouts on my face and will never speak good things about this product. The lies and damage to my face is enough to make you scream and I'm a very peaceful and reasonable person. Never again...

Mar 04, 2016

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