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Lowe's Pella Windows / Lowe's window installation voids warranty

1 Monroeville, United States Review updated:

I had Lowe's install Pella windows in my home in Pittsburgh, PA late last year. After their contractor finished, I realized that he had caulked closed and covered with aluminum trim all of the weep holes in the windows. (These are the little holes that allow water to get out of the window frames. If these are plugged, the water finds its way into the wall cavity and can severely damage the structure.) I contacted Lowe's and the installer and pointed out to both that I had found one of the Pella Installation Manuals that came with the windows and that the manual indicated clearly in BOLD print that the installer should NEVER caulk or cover these holes.

The installer arrogantly told me that he was an expert, was the best Lowe's had to offer, and that Pella did not know windows as well as he did. I confirmed with Pella that the way the windows were installed has VOIDED my warranty.

After 3 months of waiting and MANY calls to Pella, the local Lowe's store in Monroeville, PA, and Pella and Lowe's corporate headquarters, the situation has not been corrected. This "professional" installation by Lowe's continues to allow water to infiltrate my walls. The condition has damaged paint on the interior and exterior walls and I recently noticed a musty odor at one of the windows. I have also been suffering from a sinus and lung infection that has all of the symptoms of exposure to mold. The most unbelievable part of the whole experience ... this incompetent installer is still working for Lowe's installing windows!

Lowe's explained that they cannot find anyone qualified who will do the job for the same money this person will. BEWARE OF LOWE'S.

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  • Mi
      2nd of Jun, 2008
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    To whom it may concern if you are reading about Pella you are either considering buying them or have bought them and are possibly having a problem with them. I bought Pella Windows and doors some time ago and Pella was very considerate to allow me to take the delivery of the windows months after they were ready. I recently received the windows and doors and I am very dissapointed with the product. It came in dirty, and in my own non Professional opinion the windows are not manufactured in a professional manner and are defective. The windows arrived in packaging and they are covered in Glue. In addition the windows are bent, scratched, the seams are not even, the corners are bent, pieces are missing from the window itself. I do not want to install the windows as I beleive that they are defective and prefer to save the money from the instalation so that I can fund the lawsuit that I will no doubt have to pay for. I want to know that when you pay for something are you required to accept something that is less than perfect. It just makes no sense to me that I should have to take something that is less than perfect. I honestly have no idea what to do but I know just by looking at the windows myself my Heart tells me that i am being ripped off. The windows look like they came from a third rate factory doing this for the first time. Anybody have any ideas????

  • Td
      13th of Aug, 2009
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    I had my Pella Windows installed thru Lowes in March '09 and the contractor did a shoddy job at best. Have any of you considered legal action against Lowe's? It may be the next best step in getting compensation for window re-replacement or correction.
    Here it is months later and Lowe's told me to call Pella -- well Pella didn't install the windows!! You did!!
    I will write later to let people know my process in getting this settled, my home sealed, and my windows finished.

  • Wi
      2nd of Nov, 2009
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    I'm an experienced lowe's installer with a lot of pella experience. First of all, i'm not here to defend the installers. I'm a very good one but I know there are bad ones out there. I have never had a problem with an install in 4 years and hundreds of installations. But in my experience if you are not satisfied with your product, you can absolutely refuse to take it before it gets installed. However, if you are not satisfied with the installation it is a more daunting task to resolve. Your absolute best bet is to contact their customer care center and then follow-up constantly. It puts an amazing amount of pressure on the store to resolve it. Also, follow up with the store manager personally on a daily basis until you are satisfied. He will do whatever it takes to not have to deal with you me.

    In general i would have to say they are much better than the other big box stores at resolving customer problems.

  • Xb
      18th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Consumers need to be more invested, do more homework. Vinyl Windows sold or installed by Lowe's (subcontractor) are ThermaSstar Windows, which is only a division of Pella and technically, not a "Pella" Window. Pella makes quality wood clad and fiberglass windows, they give themselve's a black eye with their ThermaStar division (the lowest quality window they associate their name with)...which they only came up w/ to get in bed w/ Lowe's.

  • Ab
      1st of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I've experienced many of the same problems with my Pella Architect Series Windows and Doors, including cladding problems, seal failure, spotting on the glass, rotting wood among other issues. These Pella windows and doors were installed throughout my house in 1995. Problems with the windows began less than 10 years after installation. Pella refuses to acknowledge these claims. On my website,, you can see photos detailing the defects with my Pella windows and doors.

    I've very interested in hearing other people's similar experiences with Pella. If you have had these problems with Pella, please go to my website, and tell me your similar experience so that we may educate consumers. Thanks for your time! -A. Bailey

  • So
      8th of Sep, 2010
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    We purchased Pella Designer Series windows on June 11, 2010. It is now 9-8-2010 and the job is not completed. The orginal installers put windows in that were too large for the openings, and put them in anyway. The windows were measured 3 times by Lowes and the installer, and one window was wrong, this was noticed after they removed our old window. When they were told that there were some issues with the installation we were told to contact Pella. Pella confirmed that the problems were because of the install. The installer came back to fix some of the issues such as squareing up windows and replacing brick mold. This turned out to be a feasco, and more damage was done. Pella suggested that we get a different installer to lowes. The new Lowes installer came out and said that 2 of the windows needed to be replaced because they were ordered too large. the new windows were suppose to have been ordered on 8-28-2010. We found out that they just ordered the replacements today. Lowes employees have lied to us saying that the windows were ordered when asked for the PO# they have given us bogus numbers and kept making excuses as to why the windows weren't ordered. Be very careful in dealing with Lowes in purchasing Pella windows, go to Pella direct and avoid Lowes.

  • Do
      24th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    Ok here I am in Ocala Florida and hired Lowes and their "preferred " contractor, " Affordable Homes and Renovations "
    what a nightmare, they send a know nothing guy and a second close to know nothing guy and a third guy that was tooo
    hung over that I still can't figure out what he was there for. They damaged my house inside and out and after everything
    was done and I wouldn't let them back in, Lowes said I had a Warranty, I told them to keep it, they were going to send the " know nothing crew to fix the problem" Does any of this sound right to you ?? Bottom line if your going to hire Lowes go out buy yourself a gun and shoot yourself in the foot

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