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I received the worst pet ID I have ever seen. The letters are extremely tiny, shaky looking and the worst part is that you cannot even read the numbers on the address or the on the phone number. Not to mention I also paid to have them ship the tag to me stuck to a post card with a sliver of tape holding it on. Couldn't have cost them more than a stamp, but they tell you it will ship first class mail. I'm so disappointed that I fell for this scam!!! Buyer beware!! Do not let this low price and flashy website deceive you!!! These people are sending you complete unusable junk that does not even serve the only purpose it has which is to allow your pet to be identified!!! You are better off going to the pet section in at Walmart and using their machine to create your dog tag right their in the store. Not only is this cheaper, but you can actually read the information on the dog tag and have a usable product that you did not have to wait 2.5 weeks for to arrive!! I cannot believe I wasted $10 on this useless junk!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

Dec 02, 2016

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