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After receiving an email that the products were inded real. I ordered them... When they arrived... They were poor quality knockoffs... I called them and told them the problems... Glue on one handbag, chanel logo wrong and charms tinny, and the shoes not of good quality... They said to email them and they would send me the address to mail them back... I notified visa... My emails are not accepted and bounced back to me... I have written email proof that they stated the past season products were authentic... Now their phone is disconected... This is a scam of the greatest kind... I thought that because they were p[st season merchandise I could believe them... But that was certainly not the truth... I noiw have to find a store that carried the merchandise and have them write a letter for me that these are not "the real deal"... What an expensive lesson to learn... Never again will I order something online
B. B. Kaplan

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  • Ma
      Aug 24, 2009

    This website is a total scam i was stupid enough to buy three bags from this website, when i got the bags they were total fakes! I even talked to the lady from the website she said the bags were real and that they were from Italy and France. She told me that i could even go the the actual designer store and have them confirm that they are real. I did just that, and they told me they were fake! I called her back and told her that i knew the bags were fake, she said "how?" I told her i could just tell and that i went the designer stores to have them confirm for me. She still kept saying, "the bags are real" And then she said, "we don't get the bags from the store we get them directly from France and Italy". The thing is, she's the one that told me to go to the designer store in the first place to confirm, and now she's mad cause i actually did it. Another thing is, why on earth would France and Italy send real designer handbags to Hong Kong so that these people could sell their merchandise for dirt cheap on the internet???? I wish i knew that before i purchased the bags. Anyways, after the lady kept getting all mad, she started pissing me off and i didn't know any other way to make her understand me so i finally asked her if she spoke chinese because i had a feeling that if her company is in Hong Kong she must speak chinese. So when i asked her about speaking chinese, the tone in her voice changed she became alot nicer she said, "Yes, do you speak chinese?" So i handed the phone to a very dear friend of mine that speaks chinese, and my friend yelled at her and told her in chinese that selling fake bags are illegal and my friend asked the lady if she wants to go to jail and that she was going to call the FBI on her. The lady then told my friend that she would take care of the situation and then hung up the phone. I've tried to call this lady back tons of times, no answer! I tried calling again, but her phone was disconnected. I have filed a dispute w/my bank in hopes of getting my money back. This website is now being investigated. I was so mad that i even called the Better Business Bureau but they could not help, i called the Federal Trade Commission, they could not help me. I came across this website called IC3, they are affiliated with the FBI. I even spoke w/an FBI agent and told him what happend, he told me to file a complaint online so i did. If anything the only people who could help me get my money back would be my bank. I'm hoping and praying that all will work out. I have been so stressed out because of what happend it's making it hard for me to function sometimes. These people are going down one way or another! They have messed w/the wrong person!

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