L'oreal / men's clean power deodorant

London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

Hello, I'm a avid user of all your men's range of products shower gels, creams, deodorants etc I have chosen to use your brand as I find it the best in the market.
I use alot of your deodorants especially your clean power 48 hour ones.
I have a lot of different deodorants all are l'oreal but I've had issues with the clean power tins as they give up at any time and I can't use them, the gas fails and I'm left with sometimes a full tin I never managed to ever finish a whole tin and I've discarded a lot without taking them to where I brought them, I've taken roughly 8, 9 back and today another 2 to be replaced I am disappointed as I love all your range and don't want to use any other products from a lesser company, it is becoming a bit of a chore to keep taken them back as my time is short as I work very long hours, its also the travel and it costs me to take them back before the receipt expires, I don't like to complain but I feel I have to to, also I really don't mind spending the £3.00 for a deodorant as I'm very very happy with the products you sell, I have been a loyal customer to you and don't want to change to a different company as there just not as good as you, thankyou very much.
My name is mark baldwin, my email is [protected] I wait for your reply thankyou

May 13, 2017

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