L'oreal / l'oreal visible lift makeup

United States

Let me start by saying that I love this foundation. It goes on easy and clean and my skin looks great. My problem is with the packaging. The last two bottle I have purchased have been flawed in such a way that I have had access to less than half the makeup in the both instances the pump has stopped working. I have tried clearing a clogs, really I have tried everything. Because the cap holding the pump does not screw off there is no other way of getting to the makeup inside. I thought the first time that this was a fluke and bought another bottle. When it happened again I was just disgusted. I have now purchased two bottles in a row in order to get less than half a bottle of product. Nothing works. I would love to continue using this foundation as it is excellent but the packaging makes it such that is is just to costly. I cannot continue to buy makeup that I cannot even access.

Sep 25, 2017

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