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L'Oreal International / l'oreal paris magic root cover up 'spray'

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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I purchased your Magic Root Cover Up advertised by Eva Longoria on t.v. a week and a half ago. I sprayed this upon my grey hairs on my scalp/head and within a couple of hours my head began to itch profusely and I broke out with bumps and sores all over my head. The itch was unbearable but unfortunately that wasn't the end of it. A rash rapidly took over my whole body. I went to my family physician immediately who determined I'd had a severe reaction to your product due to toxins within the spray. I am not allergic to anything and am now suffering the consequences of a brutal red, itchy and burning rash which is extremely painful! I literally had to cancel an interview because of my appearance, especially on my's bleeding and flaking due to the sores upon my head. The only place that wasn't affected which did not break out in an itchy rash is my face. I'm presently taking Benadryl in liquid format and calamine lotion and hydrocortisone were prescribed in order to alleviate the spreading of this insistent rash which has covered 90% of my body. The spray made my head hairs stiff and hard and it rubs off in your fingers. It's as if I sprayed my head with a can of paint! I am a fan of your products but am very upset about my personal, horrible and painful experience with the root cover up and feel you should include a 'warning sign' on this product's label. I am not exaggerating the extent of my outbreak...friends said I should sue your company but I am not built that way! Their reaction is fair as they're witness to the damage to my scalp and my whole body, you'd have to see me to understand my concerns and theirs. I would appreciate compensation for having had to cancel a corporate interview "due to my bumpy itchy and scarred rash" and the suffering and pain for which I'm still enduring right now at this time, it's been a week of distraught and discomfort. Thank you kindly for hearing me out...I would highly suggest you retest and remove this product from your shelves. I read complaints in a forum about other women experiencing blistering and sores upon their scalp from this product and one of your shampoos plus conditioner.

Thank you,

Myla Warner

Sep 20, 2018

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