L'Oreal International / essie gel

Just our purchased this on Wednesday 25July at Island Pharmacy for $12.00, love this polish I have at least 5 bottles of the gel. This # 20 is a bad bottle, I opened it this morning 29th July to do my nails, applied the first coat and I knew I was making a huge mistake . I removed the first coat washed my hands and
tried a second time same issue, streaks and a mess. I tried to put a second coat on and ended up removing it and using a OPInin the same color . Called and was told with out receipt they would not give me another bottle. Needless to say I am quite angry . I am hoping to speak with the owner next week. The polish looks old and this is just not acceptable for a $12.00 bottle of one of the best polishes on the market.

Jul 29, 2018

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