L'oreal / eyeshadow quads

United States

I purchased my first eyeshadow quad and used it a couple times and then couple of the eyeshadows broke within a couple days. I tried another one thinking maybe it was just that one and the same thing happened. Then I decided to try it in a different shade and the same thing happened again. All in all I've probably bought about five or six of these. I probably should have stopped at the first one or at least the second one. I really like your eye shadows though so I just kept thinking the next one was going to be better. Actually I like all of your makeup. I've been using it for the 25 plus years I've been wearing makeup. I don't like complaining I just thought that you should probably know about this. It's disappointing and has been expensive for me.
Thank you for your time.
Dara Graham

Oct 13, 2017

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