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Lorain County Job and Family Services / Food Stamps Process Delay

1 Lorain, OH, United States Review updated:

I found myself in the position of having to apply for public assistance when my children's father would not pay the child support he was ordered to pay. I applied for food stamps and found the assistance to be invaluable. It was such a big help to know I would be able to feed my children no matter how much I was able to work. After 6 months I had to reapply. I turned in all required paperwork by the due date of Nov. 22, 2008. I received nothing from the Department of Job and Family Services saying that I was approved or denied. Nor did I receive anything saying that they had not received all of the required paperwork. I checked my Ohio Direction Card on the 1st of December and it had a $0 balance. I called the call center and was informed that it was still pending. I have called everyday since then just to be informed that it is still pending. I have received a multitude of excuses ranging from the case worker's have huge caseloads to your case worker has been reassigned to it can take up to 30 days to process your paperwork to your case worker has 5 days to review your case. I am so frustrated. Here it is the the 12th of December, I have done my part, my kids are hungry and I do not get paid until next week. Why does this process take so long sometimes. The first time I applied I had money on my card with 5 days and now I have been waiting 2 weeks. If it is normal to take this long then why didn't my reapplication appointment, which they scheduled for Nov. 12, happen sooner so I would not have hungry children. There has to be a better way.

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  • So
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    I also had an issue with how long it took for them to let me know what was going on with the food stamps.
    I had been laid off and had been given expedited food stamps, which I got within a few days. A month later, the stamps had run out and me and my son were forced to eat peanut butter sandwiches for 2 weeks. Yes we had that, Thank God, but eating the same thing for 2 weeks, gets really old really fast.
    I hope you have gotten them by now.
    I happened to have gotten mine about a week ago and was I ever so grateful.

  • Pu
      20th of Dec, 2010
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    i am totally disgusted by the way they are handling my case...why is it that i cant talk to or even make an appointment with my case worker? i have to deal with customer service and they dont even have access to my full file so therefor are not able to fully help in any situration! why is it lorain county is the only county where you cant even speak with your case worker? i was told only if i was a new applicant or reapplying would i be able to make an appointment to see my case worker...its a bunch of bull [censored]! just one more way a lorain county goverment agency can seat on their a**es and be worthless but collect a check!

  • Fr
      1st of Jul, 2011
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    child support is not telling people the truth concerning how modifications go, i attend college to become a family lawyer, and they also are lying to the poeple that are paying that they dont have to attend the court dates for the modifications, i feel that it is sad to take advantage f citizens that are just trying t make it. I feel that the program at the welfare office is a waist and one more way for Lorain City to juice the government for money, they write up a program claim it is a great idea to help people with jobs, mind you they have personal intake jobs right their and wont even hire the people, you rarely see African Americams working their and they only offer Hispanics the job due to the language situation. Also if youpay childsupport remeber attending that seek work wiil not stop them from sending you to court, and then they keep some of that money also, all doesn't go toward rears, i have wrote the white house and also plan of making sure that the White hoouse is aware of all the fraud that is going on up their. If you pay childsupport and not making enough go to the court house and file a modification one thing i have learned is it's best to file, and always review your money your paying because rears may not be showing up paid, i feel that money is being taken from citizens through the welfare office, thay act like people owe back even when they dont, I hope that the government closes this establishment, because it's being ran with fraud all over it i feel. And they feel that Lorain people are not educated and dont catch on to what is going on.

  • Fr
      1st of Jul, 2011
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    Lorain city is full of fraud ran by family and friend, people need t see what is going on. child support feels that they have cases on people that are uneducated so that they are able to spin people, they dont even speak to people when they call questioning where their money went, theymake up things like the person is yelling or cursing they feel that this is a easy way to get off the phone, I feel that the commisioners should be taking this complaints and investigating better, i know people that are paying cjildsupport extra money and the number for rears aren't changing at all, which means thay are paying the order and extra money, someone has to stand up for the citizen in Lorain and say enough is enough of stealing are hard earned money, enough is enough of hanging the phones up when all im doing is wondering where my money has went, enough is enough of being hung up on, enough is enough of staying in this city with no jobs no oppurtunity and used to bring government money in and false programs, see everything is ran by numbers, so the more people Lorain keep the more they can get government funds in, and be able to have their jobs while you sit and wait on oppurtunity to knock, when most of the time they have the jobs right their in the building, enough is enough with no one to care about the citizens, you all are not here to just pass time, you deserve a great citty with oppurtunity, and advancements. instaed of one with fraud, and hung up on, and no one to call on because usally your complaints going to a best friend or a family memeber, or someone that got in through being part of the fraud that is going on. This city is nothing but fraud, and chidsupport needs inverstigated and not by the manager or supervisors because if it's ran like this they are part of the problem.

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