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Id cs 135886 - PI 12773
I had this email which I wish to dispute, but I can not find how i can reply back to this email . the link on the website now does not allow me to reply back.

22 Aug 2018, 11:49 (1 day ago)
to me

Dear customer
thank you for contacting us and for the opportunity to assist.
We have reviewed the case and we regret to inform you that the amount required was for the new damages related to the rental occurred and not present at pick up as confirmed by you on check out format.
We remind you that In accordance with our rental conditions we regret to inform You that in case of rental agreement only with the basic insurance and deductibles, Renter shall compensate Lessor for allthe damages occurred on the rented vehicle during his rental which were not pre-existing even if they are caused by third parties.

In the light of that we regret inform you that the amount of € 484, 06 is due, inclusive of €99, 06 for damage management fee.

We kindly ask you to tell us which way you prefer to pay the amount of €484, 06 as the payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer.

If you prefer to pay the amount with credit card, you are kindly requested to send us the attached form with full details.
If you prefer to pay through bank transfer, you can arrange the payment with the following bank details:

Bank: CREDITO ARTIGIANO -Retecommerciale del Credito Valtellinese
IBANCode: IT48X0521601614000000005066

Please be informed that If we do not receive the above payment until August the 24th we will be forced to charge this amount on Your credit card or manage the case with our Debt Collector Agency.

Looking forward for Your feedback. We remind you that this is a no reply email and in order to responde to this comunication we invite you use the same channel used for the first request to insert the claim on our website.

Remain at your disposal

Best regards

This is the reply I wish to send :

I can confirm this damage was not present on the vehicle when I left the car with your colleague at the drop off location. I parked the car outside the office for your colleague to inspect and to hand over the keys to him. Instead I was instructed to park the car in a very narrow space which took several attempts to get in this space, resulting in me only being able to get out of the car on the passenger side and squeezing through the small gap. I waited for your colleague to carry out the inspection but he just took the keys and was told I could leave. As I had checked the car myself earlier that morning i was 100% confident there was no damage so was happy to leave under his instruction.

i can only speculate that this damage is likely to have occurred by the car parked alongside where I was instructed to park, as there was no way anyone even slight bigger than me could have got into the car without banging the door against the wheel arch.

I therefore dispute that I am responsible for this damage.

Kind regards

Aug 23, 2018

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