LocautoRentcomplaining booking # [protected]

I had hired a car from LOCAAUTO, Florence City dealer, Italy from 30 May - 02 Jun 2017 (Booking # IT786322450 Dt. 19 March 7). On returning the car on 02 June 17, a sum of € 130.06 being car rental was paid thru my Credit Card xxxx3332 which was debited to my card account on 19 March 2017.
Again on 06 June 17, a sum of € 106.14 was debited to my Card account xxxx2923.
Now again on 11 Sep 17, a sum of € 48.80 is debited to Card account xxxx2923.
Kindly let me know the details of services for which the three amounts were debited.
Why my credit cards are being continuously debited even 6 months after transaction?
Dr Raghavendra

Oct 02, 2017

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