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Lobos Management Apartment / scam and fraud!

1 341 S Highland AvePittsburgh, PA, United States Review updated:

I have had nothing but issues w/ Lobos Management: On 3 occasions they have threatened me w/ court notes and late fees for not paying rent when they cashed my rent check the day it was due and then didn't file the paper work. Twice, water periodically pours from my entryway light fixture. The first time took 4 days to fix and a month to patch the ceiling, this time has been a week and still no sign of maintenance and its been a week and 3 phone calls. It took 4 days in the middle of winter to get the heat in my bedroom fixed when the highs were hovering around freezing.

Maintenance staff left my front door wide open and all the lights on when I was out of town. Nothing stolen, nearly a dozen mosquitoes killed. Outlet in the living room shorted causing the entire wall to short. After 4 calls to a maintenance, I gave up and use extension cords.

They do not de-ice my front walk, including the steps with no hand rail (which is also a building fire egress). It currently has about half inch of solid ice on it.

The two washers and dryers are constantly broke (one was been removed and never replaced 4 months ago). About a third of the time, there is no operable laundry facility.

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  • Ki
      4th of Mar, 2008
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    I had my share of problems with lobo 's management when it comes to service calls. they are seriously incompetent and unreliable. you have to call them repeatedly and almost plead with them to get them to do their job. i've had a water leak in my bathroom for the past 2 months and no-one has shown up to fix it after several calls. luckily, its not a major problem and i've been able to just get by ;

    However, ts very disappointing that I have not even received an explanation from lobos as to why this is happening given that this is the second time its occurred. I wont even bother calling them anymore for anything as my lease runs out about 2 months.

    In retrospect, i'm not really surprised by this ordeal and that of trevor's because I vividly remember witnessing 2 customer complaints about lack of service when I was signing my lease; so this is by no means an isolated case. I was desperate and perhaps a little dumb by going ahead and signing the lease but please dont make the same mistake.

    lobos is just terrible. if u got any maintenance issues, lobos management shd be your last option coz they just wont show up.

  • An
      13th of May, 2008
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    My husband and I lived at 2 of the apartment complexes owned by Lobos mangement when we were in Pittsburgh.Both of them were on Fifth Avenue... and yes like everyone else we had a lot of problems with Lobos.They never came on time when called about a complaint.But they were beyond belief prompt when it came to sending out letters regarding "so called damage" done to their apartments or "late checks" or letting one know that they owned Lobos money on vacating the apartment that too after keeping all of the deposit money.WE got to know the real face of Lobos only when we moved to their second apartment but unfortunately had to endure them for another year cause I had a baby just when our lease was due to expire.Like Trevor said I am not at all surprised by their lack of maintainence regarding the driveway.The drive way in the apartment we lived was on an incline and since the ice was never removed, not to mention the fact that the innumerable potholes were never fixed, our car skidded and crashed into the garbage bins.When we complained they just ignored us and on persisiting they told us it definitely would have been our fault.

    We had issues about their so called "central airconditioning/ heating" installations.It never cooled or heated... and I used to complain regularly to them cause I had a new born baby and it was a pain trying to keep the rooms warm for her.When we left we cleaned out every room and scrubbed every nook and cranny and disposed all the garbage down and also got the carpets professionally cleaned... well they tried to clean it as much as they could... and even gave them the "original receipt" for the cleaning... still we were sent a letter stating that we had not cleaned our carpets and that Lobos had to have so much junk hauled out that we had to pay them 300$ for the same.My husband and I called our carpet cleaners and got extra copies of the cleaning receipts and sent it out to them along with photos of the way we left our house.Then we were told fine but even then we would not get out deposit back.We were one of the lucky ones as we had paid only $300 deposit unlike the other tenants who had paid a whole month's rent which by the way was 730$ .No one who left when we did ever say a penny of their deposit back.

    I believe that Lobos management has some political connection as well... we came to know through another tenant who lived in the same apartment, a very elderly lady.Seems like they had sent threatening letters to one girl who had complained to the city management regarding their "central air installations" Seems accrding to city laws that was illegal.We were just so releived to be out of there and by God's grace found the very best landlord in the same area.


  • La
      8th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too have been victim of Lobos Managements' poor service. The property managers are rude, incompetent, and slow to respond to basic tenent needs.
    I recently graduated from a school in Pittsburgh, but while there I lived in Craig Manor apartments. I had repeat issues with heating and air (they gave me a tiny space heater and a fan and ignored me for several weeks) leaky refridgerator, and with processing of my rent payment on time. (Once, they sent me a notice threatening legal action for rent non-payment when in fact, my rent had been submitted well before the 5th).

    Normally when dealing with management, I would attempt to remain composed and agreeable, even if they were acting like ###s (which was more often than not). They don't respond to calm and composure. I literally had to become biligerent and threaten to call the police and the health department when my refridgerator stopped working. It took them 2 weeks to fix it (and I was never reimbursed for groceries that I lost).

    I would recommend avoiding Lobos Management properties. It was a very stressful tenant-landlord relationship.

  • Ho
      13th of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    If your looking to rent an apartment in Pittsburgh area don't rent from lobos reality, google them do yourself a favor!

  • Ho
      20th of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    Don't. Rent from lobos management reality! it will be nothing but problems, maintenance don't fix anything they just go in your apartment without a 24 hour notice and take pictures! Of what I don't know, maybe the bathroom door we didn't have or the black mold that in the bathroom, that they just spray a little paint over and it comes right back ! Or maybe the no heat problem, or the unsecure lock, we had no lock on our apartment no door frame!lol it Pittsburgh hello times are bad and you have no lock on your apartment, but you go to sobols office, aka lobos reality they have security systems people working behind glass ! that's because they have treated many many people like [censor] ! asking you to move out of the apartment after your wife was attacked on there property and the rent was paid ! She was threatened by sobol himself and his [censor] attorney that's a pathological liar, don't rent from them or work for them read all the complaints, slumlord [censor] sobol threatening a women after she was attacked, what a man then he tries to buy her with two hundred dollars and sobol and his attorney laughing at my wife that was attack on The Birmingham apartment north Versailles, no lock entry way ! You do not want your college kid or mother or girlfriend or wife or even your worst enemy to rent from them ! sobol is a slumlord [censor], he will cheat you out of money, change the lease, lie, you will have no heat or hot water, and you will have plenty of black mold ! So check out the name lobos reality management Pittsburgh don't let them .bait and switch you like they did me

  • Ho
      23rd of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    Hi my name is mike Johnson and in April I was shown an apartment at the north Versailles property, The Birmingham
    I was taken through the front door by breanna from lobos reality Pittsburgh to the left was displayed a security system on the wall, I asked does this work breanna stated yes it does I thought good bc that's waist I was looking for and needed, we walked through the apartment really quick bc lobos don't give you much time to look around, I told breanna the VLU which is a veterans program that helps veterans pay there rent for a year, I was in the airforce for 15 years, breanna said that's great about time they do somethings for veterans we've worked with the program before, so I gave breanna the paper work she said everything looks good, so on move in Day my wife and I met her at the apartment I asked for the lock to be change because your allowed to ask for a lock, breanna said yes, so moved in no hot water for over 3 days and no heat, and no bathroom door, after a couple of days the VLU called and said lobos reality never turned any paper work in so I called the office and asked them why haven't they turned the paper work in lobos replied we don't accept the veterans program, so they baited me in to rent this apartment, the security is bad my wife got brutally attacked sobol didn't care, but after the attack after he had done threatening her, the next day we had heat and a bathroom door no new lock thou, just a great big hole in the door frame, after sobol had pulled all his [censor] demeaning a women verbally abusing a women he kicked us out with the rent paid ! the VLU said they never called them sent paper work they straight out lied surprise!! the veterans league said we know there reputation it very ugly and bad, when my wife made a police report out in north Versailles the police officer said you should put them on blast and a show called get Marty, they called the better business bureau on them ! It's pretty said that there's a slum lord out there sobol, so don't rent there apartments because if sobol verbally abuses a women after being attacked and screwing over a 15 year veteran, what do you think lobos is going to do to your college student mother sister or friends, sobol is a dam criminal google him and his company lobos management Pittsburgh pa

  • Us
      3rd of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    As we go into the Fourth of July and I appreciate the veterans unlike the Jew Sobol he gives Jews a bad name, he lied to my many year veteran husband 15 years and sobol let him homeless nice way to treat a veteran and the veterans rent was all current he kicked us out because of an attack in his building ! we drove but there [censor] apartments in north Versailles don't rent them black mold ! And you get attacked the leg is from fighting to get away had staples!lsobol threatened us

  • Je
      1st of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    Warning Military personnel -- do not rent from this company! BEWARE!

    They are making our enlist pay an extra month in rent because of a difference in 4 days between his verbal orders and his written orders.

    Terrible way to treat those protecting their right to run this company!

    Lobos Management ---

    Federal law is set out in the Servicemembers Civil Relief
    Act, enacted in 2003 to amend the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil
    Relief Act of 1940. It provides a broad range of benefits and
    protections to service personnel including specific rights relating
    to renting and leasing obligations.

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