LoanCare / called to make a payment and they hung up on me

United States

I've been trying for more than an hour to call in just to make my mortgage payment. I ve called a total of 5 times!
The 1st 2 times I wound up in sometimes voice mail. I left a message each time stating that I want to make a mortgage payment.
I waited 15 minutes then called back.
On my 3rd try I waited a solid hour, and was told to call back in an hour. I said "but I've been waiting an hour!" the person hung up.
I called back, waited another 20 minutes someone picked up and hung up.
My loan was transferred to this company in April and it's been a new issue every single month.
Yes, please include me in the Class Action against this chimpanzees, MyLoancare. I do not trust that my mortgage is in good hands.

Oct 15, 2018

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