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[Resolved] Livy Stoyka / Worst Dentist in Bradenton

1 Bradenton, FL, United States Review updated:

She is the worst dentist I have ever had the misfortune of visiting. Do yourself a favor and go to the Better Business Bureau website and see the multiple complaints against this dentist. She has an "F" rating from the BBB. She suggested over $6000 worth of unnecessary work that another dentist fixed for $100. She is condescending and her practice is top heavy with office staff that does nothing but find ways to overbill your insurance company. I received a collections notice less than a week after my initial visit even though I paid a co-pay and the rest was to be covered by insurance. They don't even wait for the insurance company to pay them before they are sending you off to collections. Just a horrible, horrible practice, I trust nothing the woman said to me because none of it was coming from a place of my best interest or health, it was all through the filter of generating maximum revenues for the dentist. She is the worst dentist I have ever seen.

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      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    Dr. Stoyka is by far the BEST dentist I have ever been to - she is gentle and sweet and whoever posted this obviously has money issues and is taking it out on Dr. Stoyka - people wil always complain about paying their bills.

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      2nd of Mar, 2011
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    One can tell this comment is direct from the corrupt Stoyka desk. Check the FACTS from the BBB and dentistry board and the insurance companies such as my Humana HMO which has ruled against her in fraudulant billing - she and her office are corrupt, incompetent, and vindictive. I complained when Stoyka broke my HMO rules requiring her not to bill in excess of what the plan allowed. She called the police and had me removed from her office. Check the Manatee County Sheriff's Records Dept. - she has an unbelievable amount of dispatches to her office removing patients who question her practices. I checked two comparable dental offices for the past year and there were no dispatches. These are facts. I am working now with the FL Board of Dentistry & Division of Quality Medical Assurance, which licenses her, furnishing them with facts that show she engages in fraudulant billing practices and unethical conduct against patients. I believe she will have her licensed suspended following the investigation since she has repeated complaints, well-founded, against her. I challenge Stoyka's office to dispute the facts. She cannot.

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      9th of Sep, 2011
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    I wanted to believe she was just having a bad day because she had always been so sweet and friendly. Now my son has 1 crown that came out and my daughter has 1 crown that is painful. I am still paying for 2 crowns that are in my purse instead of my mouth. She claimed I was rude on the phone to her staff, which I wasn't, snapped her gloves off and threw them on the tray and told me to find myself another dentist. I left in tears. I still haven't been able to get the crowns fixed. I had a consultation with another dentist who said the crowns were destined to fail from poor workmanship. The next surprise was when I told him I really didn't want to say who had done the work and he guessed and got it right!! That is when I started looking at reviews and realized that my family is not the only one that has had these kinds of experiences. I just don't want to see others go through this.

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      13th of Sep, 2011
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    I cannot believe this woman still has a practice. Today a co-worker was telling m not to go to her and I shocked her with my story dating back maybe 5 0r 6 years. Dr. Stoyka was on my list through the insurance company so I scheduled an appointment. She took x-rays and told me I would need a root canal or have it removed. I told her I would think about it check my finances and get back to her to shedule an appointment. When I got to the front desk the girl said, "Ok, that will be $85." I said, no I have insurance with a $10 co-pay. She insisted I had a "discount card" - 3 times she said no it's a discount card. So I paid the $85 and called my insurance company immediately to find out what was going on. The representative told me I had insurance with the $10 co-pay and not to worry she would call the dentist to straighten it out. The next day the insurance rep called and said, "you can go pick up a check tomorrow." So I went to pick up the check and the girl up front said, "Just a moment, Dr. Stoyka has it." So, the Dr. comes out and starts yelling at me that I should have spoken to her first before calling my insurance company and that I was no longer welcome there. There were other patients in the office who looked just as stunned as I did. I asked her if she treated all of her patients like this and she threatened to call the police if I didn't leave. I called her an a**hole and left.

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      13th of Jun, 2014
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    I agree with all the negative reviews, she is possible the worst dentist and business person I have ever dealt with. She took two tries to get the correct crowns replaced. She promised not to take two weeks on the second set, but did any way. I asked her to prepare a plan with my new insurance to do the dental work I needed and email it to me. She agreed and her office manager was to do that. We set a tentative appointment based on her getting me that information as I wanted to budget for it. I canceled first appointment and asked for the plan to be emailed and rescheduled the appointment. The plan was never emailed and I got a call and a bill for a missed appointment. I think it was the dentist not the office manager that actually called about the missed appointment. I asked about the treatment plan that I had never received. She claimed it had been mailed, I checked it never was. Then she claimed I owed her for 2 hours and she would turn me over to collections. I still needed dental work so was confused why we went from working out a misunderstanding to screaming that she would send me to collections. I believe she is bipolar or the worst customer service person I have met. I went home and looked at the bill and decided I would pay for an hours fee as disclosed on her website and was preparing to send a check, when I received a collection notice. I can not believe she is in business and mouth where she did the work feels sensitive at the gum. This is one Dental Practice to avoid. I will never seek out a doctor, dentist or anyone I plan to do business with without checking reviews on the Internet.

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      2nd of Dec, 2015
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    I agree with the negative reviews. I am a nurse and a very familiar with the insurance process. They first told me I had 5 cavities which I got a second and third opinion on and there were no cavities found. She tried to bill us a copay which is not allowed under our policy. She also worked up a $1000 charge for "needed" fillings for my husband which again were proved invalid by two other dentist offices. This lady is a complete fraud with multiple ethical claims against her. Do not go here.

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