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Definitely do NOT buy any vacation packages. We recently purchase a trip to Mexico and could not get there due to Hurricane Sandy. La Guardia airport was under water and yet according to the folks in Mexico the livingsocial deal does not include trip insurance!

Initially we were to lose the $500 we spent through the "Living social" supposed deal. Originally it was $300 something, but when I called to book a room they were conveniently all filled up which required us to "Upgrade" for another $200. After all that, the hurricane hit and we were not supposed to get our money back. My husband INSISTED on speaking to a manager and we are now able to reschedule for only certain months coming up AND we have to pay an additional $200 to do so. So our 4 night stay has now turned into $700. Which really is no deal at all. It's actually cheaper and easier to use expedia where you have the flight and the hotel all in one and you have the option to select Trip insurance.

I have also used livingsocial for meal vouchers. You truly do get what you pay for. I believe living social only benefits the company or seller. Never the consumer. It's not worth it. Do yourself a favor and stay away.


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