Live Nation Merchandiseu2 women's t-shirts fit too small

I ordered 2 women's T-shirts, sizes XXL and L. The XXL, for which I paid $2.95 extra, fits extremely small. The L size is also very small. The return policy appears to state that I am expected to pay a re-stocking fee and shipping back to the company for a refund.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Rancho Cordova, CA It is not acceptable to charge me extra to obtain a return or refund considering that I had no way to know that these shirts would fit so small. There is no size chart nor customer reviews to compare how they would fit.
The order number is 7670753. Item# U2T70192-L, U2 Joshua Tree Women's T-Shirt and item# U2T64540-XXL, U2 Songs of Innocence Women's Tee.
I would appreciate it to have you waive the re-stocking fee and cover the return shipping for these items.


May 21, 2017

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