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Litton Loan Servicing / Contradictions in Communication

1 4828 Loop Central DriveHoustion, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 866.396.5825

I am horrified to read everyone's complaints about this company. Recently I contacted Litton to discuss a loan modification and was told after spending an hour discussing my financial sitaution that I was "pre-qualified" for a loan modification.

The representative helping me initailly was not very friendly; however, she warmed a little about a half hour into the conversaiton. She informed me that I would need to submit a hardship letter along with paycheck stubs and bank statements. I was informed once the requested information was received, it would take approximately 90-days for Litton to present me with the terms of the modified loan. I went ahead and made my December 2008 payment with the intention of providing the requested letter and financial information in the upcoming weeks at the first of the year.

Unfortunately, prior to having the chance to submit such informaion, I received 2 letters in the mail (one for each of my 2 loans) annonucing that after review of my Income documents, they are not able to offer an alternative workout solution...What documents did they review to make this new decision contradicting the pre-qualification I was verbally provided over the phone by one of their reps. I still to this day have not yet submitted income income documents to Litton for review, yet they have declined me based on "Income documents."

So, it appears that Litton never had any intention of working with my loan and in anticipation of me submitting the requested financial documents, schedueld me to receive a form letter contradicting the verbal pre-qualificaiton I received.

This is a joke! Litton is the servicing company for my loan funded by Ownit Mortgage who is no longer in business. Not knowing at the time that Ownit folded two years ago, during my phone conversation with the Litton Loan rep, when I specifically asked her if I should try to contact Ownit directly she neglected to inform me that the company holding my note had folded. Rather, she advised that although I could attempt to contact them directly, she encouraged me to move forward with Litton in an attempt to modify the loan...what kind of sick game is that?

I appreciate everyone taking the time to post their information. I now feel more educated about the tactics of this company and will begin using counsel to address my mortgage concerns.

Although my home loan is a sub-prime loan, I am not stupid nor will I tolerate someone trying to take advantage of me or my situation. I fell prey once...but, never again. Best of luck to everyone out there trying to do the right thing by negotiation with the banks instead of walking away.

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  • Lo
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    I had a very similar problem with Littton, My son was laid off his job, and fell behind on the mortgage, when we asked for help in the form of a modification of our loan, Litton told us that we would have to send in check stubs, a hardship letter and other items. We did of course, this was in October 2008, we never heard from them again, we called to check the status of the modification a week before Christmas, we were told that this is a 90 day process and they would be sending a contractor out to do an inspection. This was told to us by the customer service rep., still no call from the person handling our loan modification. I called back on January 13th, another represenative said that it was being reviewed and to call back in a week. On the 26th of January, we get a letter form them delclining our modification, due to sufficient funds. What type of help is this, I am helping my son to keep this house and I have my own finances to take care of. What on earth did they base their findings on other than my monthly pay, what happened to the break down of all of our monthly expenses, what happend to talking to someone who has actual knowledge of your case, what happened to common curtisey. If there is anyone out that that has experience this or anything similar to this, or even know of someone who has and have knowledge of how I can get help or to stop litton from taking advantage of people. Please tell me how. These people need to be stopped. I am someone who got caught caught up in this preditory lending, I have a second mortagage with Ocwen and it took them exactly 30 minutes to do a loan modification on our loan after they received a letter of hardship. I even spoke to the modification specialist that handled our account. The only good thing that Litton has going for them is how to successfully avoid clients that need their help. I think this is part of their job description.

  • Bi
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    Everyone should go to consumer affair website and pull up all the complaints on Littion and send copies to Obama administration. Also, flood there emails letting them know how unfairly people have been treated under this company. They are bad...bad news and need to be exposed!

  • Co
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    Litton Loan has been stalling our loan mod for 6 months. We are self employed and need a stated program which does not exist now a days!!! In addition we are on an adjustable that is not following the note!!! These people are insane!!! They think they make the laws...Stalling, lieing, calling!! DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! CERTIFY MAIL EVERYTHING!!! They mislead, lie and tell you things that make you feel stupid!!!

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