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Lirr complaint

Jan 14, 2015
7:58 train from penn to ronkonkoma
First car

I was riding the train to get home from new york city. I had an off-peak ticket which I planned on topping up for the peak ride that I was on. However, I was only a dollar short. My card did not have enough money to buy a one-way ticket to ronkonkoma, but it had just enough money to be able to pay the top up at the train station of ronkonkoma. All I needed was a bill to be written because I know that ticket collectors usually write up a bill when you do not have sufficient funds. I was planning on paying what I owed at ronkonkoma train station with my card because I couldn't buy a one-way ticket. The train conductor, a short, on the heavy side, older man, told me that I had to get off of the train at jamaica station. I asked him if he could take the four dollars that I had and write me a bill for one dollar so that I could pay it at ronkonkoma train station, and he told me no, he wouldn't do that for me. It is in the dead of winter, and this was taking place when the sun was already down. I did not feel safe having to get off of the train at jamaica station at night. Plus, I had to go to work which is why I had to take a train home during peak hours. The conductor was very rude and didn't seem to care for the situation that I was in. He was very inconsiderate, and the people around me who were watching thought he was bluffing. I asked the people around me if they had a dollar to help me out. I even showed them the inside of my wallet to show them that I was telling the truth and I only had four dollars cash on me. So a good stranger gave me the dollar I needed. Something should be done about whatever the policy is on topping up, because if there is a way for somebody to pay their top up then, the conductor should help them do that instead of throwing them off of the train, especially when he would be putting a young woman in danger of being raped at night at a train station. Doesn't what i'm saying make sense?

Jan 14, 2015

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