Lightintheboxpayment made via bank transfer but payment confirmation received and order not progressing

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On the 25th January 2017 I ordered a dress from lightinthebox and paid for it via bank transfer. I did not receive payment confirmation as expected so I checked the payment had been transferred out of my account, which it was. I then contacted the commercial bank of the recipient whom confirmed that the money had indeed been credited to the correct account and my name appeared on the transfer details.
I created a ticket to resolve the payment issue and was told it would take a week since it was an international transfer (note that I reside in Hong Kong and the bank details were for a Hong Kong bank - not an international transfer!). I was also informed that if I provided the details (copy of transaction details) the investigation would take 48 hours. I did so (blanked out first eight digits of my bank account). Now, over a week since my initial correspondence (ticket) I am still waiting to hear back from the financial department. Lightinthebox are now not responding to my tickets and my order is not progressing. They have kept my money and are not proceeding with the sale as agreed.
According to the law, if after a reasonable length of time the sale does not progress as agreed, keeping my payment is considered theft. I have waited many days past the stated time I was asked to wait (2 days) and I believe this constitutes exceeding the 'reasonable length of time'.
I am therefore requesting a full refund of the amount paid HK$709.51, which includes the shipping fee, since the item has not even been processed, let alone shipped.
Order number [protected]
Order made January 25, 2017 4.50pm (26 January 8.50am LST
Payment made January 25, 2017 5.32pm (26 January 9.32am LST)

Feb 02, 2017
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  • Ps
      Mar 16, 2018

    I have the same issue. I paid by my debit card and the money has been blocked by my bank waiting for the beneficiary request to release the money for them but Lightinthebox has not sent the request to the bank to release these funds. Surprisingly the customer service is repeatedly saying me that it is my problem and they can not do anything. They have kept the money for over one week now and my order is still in status "payment awaiting". Ridiculous. This is my second order with them, the first one was ok despite delayed delivery time, but the one here will be my last one.

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