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I ordered a set of pajamas and matching footwear/slippers on Dec 14th. I paid extra for expedited shipping, 3-5 days. When the order had not arrived by Dec 22, I went to check the order. It showed that the order was not marked as paid for until Dec 21st, even though I used PayPal at the time of ordering on Dec 14th. The order at that time showed "Processing". I checked on the order again on Dec 27th and it still showed processing. I continued to check every few days and it still kept saying processing. I sent a message to customer service about the order and they replied that the processing time for the items ordered was 8-10 business days. This was on Jan 4. With a payment received on Dec 21st, it had already been 10 business days. In their reply, they indicated the items would be shipped no later than 1/8/2017. I checked the order on 1/9/2017 and it still showed "Processing". I contacted support again to remind them of their 1/8 shipping date. I received a reply along with a notification that my order was delayed due to backlog with their supplier. They offered an "apology" in the form of a $3 credit/gift card for a future purchase. The catch to the "apology" is when I use it, my order has to be at least twice the value of the "gift". I'll never use it because I will NEVER use their site again.

Jan 12, 2017

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