Light In The Box / drone xk x500

China, AU

I ordered a drone from light in the box. It arrived but with the wrong transmitter. They supplied a xk x6 transmitter which is for a helicopter. The one i need is xk x8 transmitter. I know this because i have another one bought from fasttrack and it works with their transmitter. I have tried to email customer service but tgey provide no eay to contact only for a return. I dont want to return the drone, i want the right transmitter sent which is their fault. According to Lightinthe box they go through a very thorough check list but Fasttch got it right. They said 3 working days to answer well thats been and gone. I will try paypal next. I wont be paying to return something sent wrong and really why make it so hard to explain oneself. They do not wven email you instead you have to kerp checking on their site. I will never deal with this company again!!! Tim Moore Australia. 10 years buying on Ebay and over 2000 different companies, be proud Lightinthe box for making it so hard for your customers

Light In The Box

Nov 17, 2017

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