Lifetouch / employee?!?!

United States

In my opinion there is so much shadiness going on with this company that I am quite surprised that they are allowed to be in business. I was hired and when I asked about health insurance, I was told they would get back to me after the hire. After several phone calls back and forth, I was finally told that health insurance was not available until I had worked there a year. Once I was given that information, I immediately told them that I could not work for their company. I NEVER WORKED FOR THEM, YET I RECEIVED A W-2 in the mail from them for the wages of $15.75...which I now have to claim. Yes, it seems a small amount. But how many other people have they done this to? And why?

P.s., reporting them doesn't do any good. They are not a part of the Better Business Bureau. What that means, is that Lifetouch does not care about any backlash. I think it is because they are so big, a monopoly.

Jan 30, 2019

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