Lifetime TVthe poor background music for the film nightclubs secrets

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As i was watching this film late at night with my mother on a saturday we decided to enjoy a nice lifetime movie but not even 10 minutes in the choice of background was just awful and it didn't match any part of the scene or emotions we continued to watch because the film became interesting i tried to forget about it but i felt as though it kept getting louder some people may say that music doesn't matter but it made me so upset and i highly suggest some new management over the music because it's important and depicts how the viewer feels as a connection to the film and their characters

Jun 03, 2018
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      Jun 17, 2019

    As of some similar complaints, I have been a long time watcher of the many of LTM, especially last year and half that the music background is so loud that does not fit the story line but cannot hear the audio, (example "My Stepfathers Secrets" was the worse I gave up watching it and turned the channel.

    I do not understand why the music has to be weird and have screeching sounds. Please do something about this.

    I Also agree to many repeats being shown lately. Hopefully something soon can be done or you have lost a long time viewer.

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