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LifeTime Fitness / reneging on invitation received in mail

Garland, TX, United States Review updated:
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Approximately two months have passed since I received an invitation in the mail from the corporate office of Life Time Fitness, inviting me to rejoin their Garland, Texas facility. It was headlined, "Rejoin Life Time now for just a $25 (processing fee). I had quit this facility many months previous to that time, chiefly for the reason that I was unable to gain a sensible answer from a representative of the Garland, Texas operation. I was totally concerned as to why that a member could reserve a racquetball court each day (during primetime) for the sole purpose of banging tennis balls (with a tennis racket). The main "sticker" of this entire scenario is the very fact that any employee (regardless of ranking) has total access to all members' files, including complaints made to the front desk, management, the corporate office, etc. In essence, anybody who folds towels at these facilities, has total access to your address, telephone #, health information, etc. Management officials at Life Time are very religious when it comes to maintaining an accurate account of complaints that you make to front desk personnel, management, corporate office personnel, etc. In essence, if you approach the front desk representative and let her know that this is the second time in which toilet paper was missing from the restroom, it's highly likely that the complaint will be logged onto your personal computerized file before the sun goes down!! The situation that "struck a raw nerve" with this former member was the day in which an employee (who once folded towels for a paycheck at this facility) approached me in the middle of the hallway and proceeded to outright inform me that she was aware of a medical condition that I had reported (in confidentiality) to the manager at the time of my enrollment. Aside from the fact that this young Life Time representative mentioned that she was aware of my medical condition, she later informed me (after my resignation from the club) that entries into my computerized record, indicated that I would never be allowed as a member of any Life Time facility. I never gave that situation another thought until the date in which I received the letter of invitation to return as a member. I thought to myself, "either this young lady doesn't know what she's reading on my personal file or that business has fallen off to such a degree that they're willing to take me back". That's when I decided to visit the Garland location, presenting the letter of invitation to the manager (Ken) of the club. He immediately informed me that a mistake had been made at the corporate level, adding that, "you shouldn't have received this invitation in the first place". When I inquired if he was informing me that I was no longer welcome at his Garland location (and that the letter of invitation from the corporate office was meaningless), he stated (in so many words) that he would rather not see me back there as a paying member. That's when I took it upon myself to inform this managerial representative that I'm totally aware of the fact that "gripe files" are maintained on all members who pass through his doors each day and added that several of his former employees (and myself) would sit in an office during many nights, viewing members' files. He seemed rather startled to hear that bit of information; however, I sensed that the man was attempting to downplay the situation as best he could. However, he did add that none of those individuals ever had access to credit card numbers, banking account numbers, etc. I informed this gentleman that it very well might be the case; however, I further informed him that laws exist which prevents any type of personal medical information from being made readily accessible to just anybody who happens to wear the Lifetime Fitness uniform. If you're a member of Lifetime and it's your desire to keep your personal medical history private, I would strongly suggest that you not inform any representative of your club. Needless to say, it will be in bold print for every employee (and some members) to view for themselves!!


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  7th of Dec, 2009
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So my question is to you, why did you engage in the behavior you so readily condemned? Ie:viewing members personal files? In addition, if you found Life Time to be so horrific why did you go back? Files are kept for security and liability reasons. If you have a medical condition that may immediately affect you while working out, and you ELECTED to inform a representative of it, is a precautionary measure to add this information to your file. That way if something happens to you employees are able to take the necessary steps. If you bothered to read your contract there is an entire clause pertaining to this, so no, there are not laws against this data system.
  10th of May, 2010
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I think that it is fine to hit a tennis ball in the racket area. They could be practicing when they cant practice outside. This tennis player can do whatever they want. Why don't you just reserve it before him? Rejoin. The place is awesome and reserve the other court.
  10th of May, 2010
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Hi.. I am the tennis player you are complaining about, All I do is play tennis. Its my life. Grow up. I like Call of Duty 6. Milk tastes good. Turtles are slow. I satisfied your mother. Sandwich, is spelled weird. Ludacris is cool. Imma tell you one time. Grow up.
  10th of May, 2010
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Hello i think the guy complaining should go somewhere else if he is gonna cry like this. So, i guess you could say this grown man is acting like a 5 year old.
  20th of Sep, 2014
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Life Time Fitness in Las Vegas (based in MN) has a NO CELL PHONE policy for the locker room, which they never enforced. I complained July 2014 cell phones pointed at me and others of different ages, and September 2014, Life Time Fitness removed their cell phone policy. Now allowing cell phones to be used at lockers, sinks, and showers area. A BIG THANK YOU TO LIFE TIME FITNESS !
  20th of Sep, 2014
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Now you can freely take your cell phone and use in around the lockers, at the sinks, and showers, sit at the towel dry off area while others of different ages walk around naked.
You can point your phone but just not allowed to take video or pictures.
If someone snaps a picture, you're just to tell someone at Life Time, I guess they'll get the court order to seize the phone.

Thank you for taking minimal steps to protect privacy rights violations and removing the No Cell Phone policy Sept 2014 after complaints made July 2014 of cell phone pointed at me and others.

Thank you, Really BIG THANKS for protecting my privacy.

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