LifeCell Anti Aging Cream / not a trial a lifetime commitment

Hollywood, United States

On December 2015 I stayed 3 weeks in an hotel in Clearwater FL
I saw an advertising for a miraculous American cream
As the advertising was saying give a try you have nothing to loose except a couple of years off !
On March I have lost almost 400 US dollars that they have charge on my credit card without my agreement
I m French and I live in France I gave life cell company the address of the hotel where I was staying on December so they might have send their creams to the hotel ... I suppose !
I m really upset because for a trial I paid 400 USD I had to cancel my credit car to stop them to charge me each month 189 USD
And on the top of everything this anti aging cream is not a good product at all !!!
Laurence alberola

May 28, 2015

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