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To whom it may concern, Ive been trying to reach out to let you know as much as I like to order certain things threw google at times
my Granddaughter 11 yrs old ordered something obviously she misunderstood
because she said it said free!! When I happen to check my bank statement
I saw a Charge of 24.99 and I Mrs. Mulligan did not make the purchase .
I am asking you to cancel this subscription and refund me back to my card 24.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Orlando, FL99 Instantly!!! Please and Thank You! 3rd: ATTEMPT
It seems to me that I have to actually keep asking for a refund for something that a 11 year old supposedly thought were free Please release my money I will never or the 11 yr old will never use this its useless
I called on(1)...(1/18/2017... 1/19)/2017 when I saw my statement I even emailed same day(2) I emailed the company again twice(3) I called life 360 again they have me going round in circles saying wrong dept or this is nest and were not affiliated with Life360

Jan 20, 2017

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