Liberty Tax Servicefalse quality guarantee

I had my taxes done by Liberty Taxes in 2008. The 2008 taxes were done for NY state and were done incorrectly as they did not appropriately prepare my NY state taxes. Although it was clear that I lived in NYC as all my paperwork for that timeframe was for NYC, including my W-2's, AND they filed NY state taxes, they are saying that I gave them a MD address, so they can't take responsibility. The MD address was my current addres for 2009 where I was living and asked for my taxes and forms to be sent. It was very irresponsible of them to pretend as if they did not know to use my NY address and deduct NY city taxes for the county that I lived in (King's County).

In general, I found them to be unethical in that they would not refund my return due to their error (which resulted in me getting about 2500 less in tax returns than I was expecting--I had planned to do stuff with that $). I am not sure Liberty is good at doing taxes outside of the region where they are. They didn't know how to prepare my NY city taxes as a part of my NY state taxes. If my money is not refunded, I will continue to post this story on BBB and every site I can find.

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