Liberty Mutual Insurance / personal auto insurance

Wareham, MA, United States

I am very disappointed in the service I have received from Liberty Mutual. My husband and I had to make another payment towards our policy or it would cancel for nonpayment. We had spoke to billing and she informed us we had until 5pm to call the payment in or do it online by 12am. It was 5:01om and so we made the payment online. Now we get a notice in the mail saying the policy cancelled for nonpayment. After many calls and 4 supervisors we find out the payment we made went to and inactive closed policy and the payment we made went to the policy due to a name associated to that account and not the active policy. Our policy cannot be reinstated bc there is money's owes to that account even though the active policy should have received it. It's complete [censored] and a scam to get more money and don't care that we are driving around with no insurance bc LM is trying to reason it by wanting more money in the end.To top this off our claim is still on going with the car sat in my yard for 12days still not towed, got sent to 2 experts who turned out not to be experts at all and finally after many calls it went to a 3rd expert through Mercedes which should have happened in the first place. We were told it was totaled now it might not be by $100 and the car is still sitting in the lot going on 30 days!!!We are paying for a rental out of pocket because our limit ran out and it's due to the slack on LM end. I have never in my years driving and having worked at an agency have had issues with a company like this before. The fact that a name is associated with an old account and a payment that was asked for the active policy was made will not be transferred bc of that really goes to show how customer retention is not a priority with LM. I will make sure LM is not recommended when I am asked what company to choosejust for those reasons alone. There is no priority of customer Retention just finding ways to scam more money. Worst mistake switching over from Safety Insurance.

Oct 15, 2018

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