LGlg home electronics

S Nov 27, 2017

My parents are seniors (80s) and LG fridge, and within 4 years the fridge broke down, service repair person deemed the fridge "unrepairable". We started working with LG on how much money they would give my parents for a new fridge. That was in early September, we agreed to $1, 200. They indicated it would take 6 weeks to process and they would receive the cheque. It is now November 27th and we have received NOTHING. We have been calling LG customer service daily for one week now seeking when they would receive payment. We have been receiving the run around: we will call you back in 5 minutes or we will have an answer for you within 48 hours and we have yet to receive an answer. Christmas is coming and my parents are without their money. They needed to purchase a new fridge without any funds from LG. They truly have terrible customer service and I would not wish anyone the hell my parents have gone through. DO NOT PURCHASE LG PRODUCTS, AS THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS.

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