Lexus / avoids repairs with warranty problems

United States

Hi, I am a lexus owner. I own rx350, 2008. My gps suddenly stop working, its not respond when I touch screen. Some time response when I touch heard. So I finger out if I touch heard it will response some time. After some time I got crack on the screen. Then I find out that still my car is under warranty. I brought my car to lexus dealer (hennessy lexus at gwinnett, ga) to check. The man name cj tall me after check every thing, that I have put suction cup on the gps screen to damage this, which is not right.

Since its damage by me, will not going to fix by warranty, if I want to fix that then I have to pay $7000 (seven thousand) dollar. Lexus should have better reason to avoid warranty. This is very bad police. I have used about ten different band name car so far. I have never experience that type of service. I bought lexus to have better performance, better service, and better warranty. I am very disappointed. As a user I am not very knowledgeable about the car part and electronics.

If any thing gets bad, still I will try to use it same way. By doing that it may get more damage. That calls after affect. Everybody will do same thing. First gps stop response, then I touch heard and crack the screen. The crack done by me but its not my fault. Intentionally am not going to damage my car. Nobody will. Still I hope you will solved the problem.


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