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Lexmark printer / mis-selling/ ink cartridges

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I was told in PC World at York by a Lexmark sales rep in January that their all-in-one printer took any generic cartridge - when I specifically asked if I could buy cartridges anywhere for it - he blatantly lied to me, and I bought the printer based on the incorrect information that this was the case. When I had used the ink from the 1st cartridge, I found that I could only buy Lexmark cartridges for the printer and that type only from PC World at a very high price (and an hour's drive away from my home). I asked PC World for a replacement printer based on this mis-selling, and the store manager was most unhelpful and rude. In the end, I got my money back and went elsewhere.
I would not recommend Lexmark products to anyone, the ink cartridges are very expensive, their employees are not honest and there are far better machines available.
I have not experienced such poor customer service for a very long time, and will not shop with Lexmark or PC World ever again.


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N  1st of Jul, 2009 by 
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Lexmark printers will take generic cartridges, you just have to make sure you buy the correct generic cartridge. I've had two lexmarks in the past (one a desktop printer, the other an all-in-one) - not top quality printing, but suitable for homework or personal letters.

I used to buy our generic cartridges at radio shack, and they also sold ink refill kits for the lexmark printer (calidad solo brand). There is a trick to getting the generic cartridges to re-register in the printer software to display as full, though most generic cartridge packs come with the instructions.

I know that wal-mart (at least ours did) sold the generic cartridges for a while, as did a couple of other sources (Staples was one). Lexmark cartridges weren't any more expensive than HP or Epson - for the most part, ink cartridges for most printer models fall within a few dollars of each other. Locally, I find the HP cartridges more expensive than the lexmark were, and the Epson is more expensive than both.

Let's face it, you can't buy ink cartridges of any kind "anywhere", you can only buy them in shops that sell printer ink. Quite possibly the rep had no idea what stores were local to you, or what stores carry generic cartridges for all brands.
N  1st of Jul, 2009 by 
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I just realized you are in the UK - almost everything is considerably more expensive in the UK (sometimes I wonder how you guys survive over there). You might be better off looking for an online source (a trustworthy one) for ink cartridges for whatever printer you buy. Order in bulk (perhaps 5 sets at a time or so) and you can often save a decent amount of money, cutting your ink costs per cartridge over local sources. Particularly if you don't have a lot of "local sources".
N  1st of Jul, 2009 by 
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Oh - one other thing. Ink cartridges do not all contain the same amount of ink. A printer mfg. might have cartridges that appear to cost less, but the cartridges contain smaller amounts of ink.

Do your research before you purchase your printer, because just comparing straight-off cartridge costs can be misleading.
A  21st of Jul, 2009 by 
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Lately... I've had much too many problems with the catridges for model no. X3550. These ones manufactured in Philippines are coming with a defected section where the injector is suppost to attach to the catridge. Their so called "supporting agents" tell customers to clean the metal sensors, but obviously that doesn't do anything at all and one haves to go back to the store and hopefully one may get a catridge that correctly maded.
I agree that Lexmark haves to step up with their products

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