Levi Strauss & Co.repeated failure of levi jeans - hole in left knee area

I have been buying levi jeans for over 50 years. Each pair that I have purchased have within six to seven months have had a hole in the left knee. I have dated each new pair to determine how long it takes before the hole appears and it is normally six to seven months. When sitting the hole is located just above the knee. The jeans except for the hole wear very well. At $50 plus a pair, it is discouraging to have multiple pairs that look new except for the left knee. This happens with the 527 and 508 style jeans. I have tried putting patches on the back inside only to have the wear take place around the patch. The right knee never wears out. I have included a photo that shows the typical wear. I had contacted levi in the past, but never got an answer.

Levi Strauss & Co.

Jan 25, 2018

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