Levi Strauss & Co 550 Jeans / 550 jeans

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Phone: 3307267947

I purchased two pair of levi 550 jeans @ kohl's approximately three weeks ago. The first time I wore them, one of the back belt loops tore loose on each, tearing the fabric underneath (which I sewed back in place), after the first washing, I noticed that one pair began to tear @ the back pocket. The fabric appears to be very weak & prone to tearing with minimal stress.

This was the first time I had purchased levis in several years & I was shocked at the poor quality of jeans compared to the "cheap" jeans I had purchased in the past few years. I have reached a stage in my life where I can spend money for better quality goods - these do not seem to fit the bill.

I would appreciate a rebate or replacement with hopefully better quality jeans. The size of 550's I purchased was w 40, l 32.

Stephen wagner

Jun 28, 2015

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