LetGoyour option to indicate price is negotiable

I contacted an individual about an item for sale, it was noted as "Negotiable". I asked what price he wanted to get for the item, he responded by stating that he had an offer of 250.00 and wanted to get 300.00 which I stated that I would give him. He did not respond for awhile due to the fact he was pitting my offer against someone Else's offer.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Jonesborough, TN If you want to set this up as an auction site that is what you should do because that is what is happening by allowing negotiable to be an option. I have used this site a great deal but have had my fill of the constant stupidly! If this is not bad enough EVERYONE wants to offer you less than half of what you are asking, I have been stood up by one person after another and have had people cancel at the last minute. Worst site out there! Guys name was MITCHELL BELL IN JOHNSON CITY TN

Jan 24, 2017

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