LetGo / unethical behaviour

Brawley, CA, United States

every time i post something to sell some one keeps flag my post then letgo kicks my post off with in a min or less what hell you keep letting him or her flag and get kick off i use no bad words i only sell good stuff never burn anyone i have sold a few stuff now but now someone is getting at me and you do nothing about it i guess i will let every one i know that don;t post here because anyone can flag you with no check up on the flag before your kick off that is not good policy i think it is a guy that kept bugging me to drop my price on a wifi router then he would say he wanted it said he was going to buy it then he never showed up to i put it back on letgo then here he comes again i finally drop the price for him the price he wanted just to get him off my back then again never replay back that day two days later said he wanted it then never shoed up so i gave him the review he deserved now i try to post i get flag and kick off i wish i could remember is name but at 54 years old memory just is not as good as it was no i am not senile lol but this is a joke if anyone can flag and kick that easy

May 1, 2017

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