Letgosinger quick fix sewing machine

I listed this product about two months ago stating it was never used missing power cord and foot controller. This machine was a Christmas gift to me about 4 years ago and I never used it. I had a few potential buyers but was unable to sell. A few days ago I get a message about the sewing machine. I said it was available for sale what's the offer as my ad stated price negotiatable. I was told 70. Then she realized it said missing ooswercord and foot pedal and said if she can't find a foot pedal she will not be interested. I got a message saying she found one. The meeting place changed several times and I ended up traveling more than halfway. We met and made the exchange around 7:30 eastern time. I get a message the following morning around 7 stating the machine was broken. She tried three different foot pedals and none worked. She said when she turned the machine on and the needle went on it's own and wouldn't stop. She also claimed that she went to a fabric store and they said a mechanism in the machine that read commands was broken. I felt terrible that I sold her a broken machine so I agreed to give her money back. After some thinking I realized most stores close at 9 pm and open at 8. I looked up local areas and I couldn't find a place that allowed her to go home set up the machine try the three different pedals then take it to a store and have it checked. So I messaged the buyer and asked what store she went to. I didn't get an answer. I asked if she could meet me at a fabric store and see what they say together. If it was determine broken I would gladly reimburse the 70 dollars.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Boston, MAInstead I was told she was heading out of town that afternoon and her husband could meet with me. Something in my gut said that that wasn't right. She is verfired with Facebook and I looked her up. Her Facebook has no pictures with a husband and listed her a single. I again asked what was the fabric store she took the machine to so I could call and get the information for myself and then I will meet her at the same place to exchange. I did not receive the name of the store. Then she said was looking for a brand new machine and the price wasn't a big difference and she would just like to purchase a new one. I said I was trying to make everything simple and easy if she would like her money back I would need the name of the store that she went to. She refused to give me the name and told me she didn't have to prove anything to me and it was my responsibility to reimburse her because my product did not match the description. My ad clearly stated never used and missing power cord and foot pedal. At this point I had no idea if she broke it or realized she could've bought a brand new machine for the same or slightly higher because of that I decided the sale was final. Her story changed too many times and I couldn't trust her word. I reviewed her page with what happened and she has reviewed me. I don't think I deserve a one star review. I was willing to give her money back if the machine is truly broken however I needed proof. I asked several times for the store info or to meet at a store so I can see for myself. Since she refused everytime I don't think it falls on my shoulders. I would like the review removed from my account because I have other products for sale. That is my first and only review.

May 13, 2017

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