LetGo / robbed (engagement ring)

Letgo need to start screening people more thoroughly, (Background checks) not just from social media!!! My name is ivone, I had posted and item on letgo in november 2017, for the first time and my last.. I was selling an engagement ring for $850, retail price was $2300 due to the holidays approaching and wanted the money for presents, roger, no last name given [protected]) is his cell phone number, he contacted me (Roger) by phone and messages saying he was very interested in buying the ring for his girlfriend for christmas, said he only had $740, and I did accepted his offer, so we planned on meeting up friday night november 10, 2017, at his place of employment (A church on greenwell spring road in baton rouge) he sounded very polite and well mannered over the phone... So me and my fiance met up with him, at the church, talked for about 5 minutes about the ring and his plans, after talking he wanted to look at the ring, said he wanted, but he was waiting for his girlfriend with the money, so I took the ring back, had it in my hands (Ring plus appraisal), the 3rd time he asked if he can see it because his girlfriend was around the corner, I said no let's just wait til I have the cash in handy, then we will exchange, waited a couple more minutes, and he just bolted with my ring, my fiance and I started chasing him, but no luck i'm 48 and my fiance is 51, with a metal rod in his leg because of a motorcycle accident, and roger was in his teens or early 20's... So I called the baton rouge police department to file charges on mr. Roger, police officer (Roberts) pull up his name and picture, through the phone number and by his description, come to find out he has a history of doing this (Robbery, theft) if letgo would have did their job or better by screening the people they let join, (Background check) instead of social media this would of never happened, (Being robbed) and if I knew this information the police man gave us we would of never met this man, and put our lives in danger, this man could of had a gun or friends to ambush us for the ring and we could of gotten hurt if not worse, (Police report # [protected] officer roberts)... Roger has to be a special kind of stupid or [censor], the ring he stole from me he was trying to sale it on letgo, when I confronted him about it, he deleted the post on letgo (The same ring he stole from me)!!! Letgo I hold you responsible for the theft of my ring, I suggest you make this right, I don't have my ring, or the amount of money I was selling it for, (Christmas for my kids), I will not longer post on this site, buy, or sale o will delete this app off my phone!!! Letgo should be held accountable, and should reimburse me for the amount of the ring $2260!!!

Nov 28, 2017

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