Letgoproduct of sale

J Nov 28, 2017

Hi I would like to make a complaint about a suspicious scam on a purchase someone made from me. The individual sent me a check larger than the amount I requested. I trusted an individual stating that the extra amount was going to be used for me to give to someone because they were going to use it to pay a mover, and had the item they purchased from me. I told them that the date they requested wasn't possible because my bank puts out the deposit in increments. Now they want me to send the money back via iTunes cards. They told me that I could still keep the money they used to purchase my iPhone but strangely they aren't giving me a place to ship the iPhone, . I told them I wasn't comfortable using an iTunes cards and I would be happy to send the rest of the money back to them via my bank but he's being insistent that I use an iTunes cards and no other methods. I don't have the chat available anymore unless there are ways to pull it up so I can show you which user. I do have the person's texts as proof. Please contact me as soon as you can so I can get this situation handled because I'm worried that once I give him back the money he will bounce back the check he gave me for my iPhone, and have me deal with inconveniences. I already alerted my bank, thank you

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