Letgoposting to site!

I posted images that reflected the Vintage Adult Books that I had for sale non of which showed any nudity of course, however when I posted it via Cell phone the title automatically list the item as (4) books for my selling price which I was selling over 45 of the books, I had received stupid comments from other people regarding the selling of (4) books for my High posted price when in fact again it was for (45) of themSee Top 10 Worst Companies in Alexandria, VA...
You guys need to get your (s%%t) together or people like myself will just go right back to Craigslist and Post... Get rid of that Automatic headline generator so we can state what the item really is...
I am so pissed right now that it doesn't work correctly and for the Add to necessary chat messages that I got due to your system not posting it as stated! :(

May 02, 2017

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