LetGo / letgo account hacked

Goodyear AZ, US

I have submitted an email to alert letgo someone somehow has taken over my account. I do not know how or why they would have done this, unless they plan on accepting payments and walking away from it, leaving the people without the items and leave me to have to deal with cleaning it up and proving it wasn't me.

I created my account around 10/30/2016 but it doesnt take my login or password and now has let me create a new account using my original email and password. But if you search you will still see all my items listed.

The crazy part is I create a new item a free item to just post a message my other account was hacked and they delete it from my items so I cannot even alert people that my other account is hacked and to not buy anything from me until this is resolved and get this letgo just deletes the item but they wont go in and fix the original issue.

If you search for 2003 lincoln stretch limo in area code 85338 you will see my limo. But it is not under my account and still listed for sale.
Please spread the word to get these accounts deleted I wont use letgo if their not going to help.

I have added pictures of the items I was selling and would like all of them off this site.

Ken gage


  • Updated by Ken Gage, Apr 07, 2017

    LetGo has resolved the issue by deleting the other account.

    Thank you Simon


Apr 03, 2017

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