LetGo / iphone 6

Dallas, TX, United States

Hello. I have been using letgo for about a year now and have sold numerous things on it. I have done things to keep my privacy down and to always make sure I am doing things in a safe manor. Today I met up with a user name "glo gang" and I was robbed at gun for my iPhone 6. I feel the need to mention something because as a former user (I am never using this site again) and for those who are good hearted who also use this site, there needs to be better protection. I went to a public place, didn't give out my number and only communicated through letgo, all things that you mention are "safe habits" my phone was easily worth $200 and just like that robbed and my life could have been in danger. I hope you make sure that this guys user name is taken off and if any way possible forbidden his phone number for accessing it ever again.

Jan 25, 2017

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