LetGo / advertised "free", but have to buy first

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
Contact information:

Mr. Rob gonzalez from posted an item for free fitness bootcamps for women.

After I contacted him, he told me it is not free, but rather I would
Have to buy a membership in order to get the "free" services. I advice mr. Gonzalez this is an illegal bait-and-switch practice. I gave him a negative review in order to protect other women from this suspicious advertising. Shortly after I told him that his activity was illegal, he blocked me and gave me an negative review. If I was incline to give his business a try, I certainly won't now, given that by blocking me, he is blocking communication with a potential client, simply because I told him he is braking a usa law.

I'm glad he listed to me and has since edited his post to state he is selling a membership. His inaccurate review of me should be
Removed. He is/was in violation of letgo terms under "an item listed as"free"but is not intended to be given away."

May 2, 2017

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