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This lady posted a Diningroom set for sale and we agreed that I would by it and the price included delivery. For 10 days we were texting and I even tried to meet up with her to give her a deposit.
Finally after ten days she tells me that she will not deliver the set. Toooooo busy
When I called her and asked her if she would be able to rent a truck and a would give her $100 dollars more, she said no they would not take the responsibility to transport it to me... so at that point I was stunned cause I thought I would have it delivered. When I very politely suggested could she pay half of the expense of the movers with me at least which was 125$ each of us. She immediately told me forget it husband will sell it to his employee... and that was it. That is what she said!!
I was shocked. I tried to call her. Text her. But nothing...
So basically for ten days I was told delivery was included. And then she dropped that service and chose to sell the set to her husbands employee...

That was horrible cause I sold my own kitchen table
In order to make room for the set. Now I have nothing
Someone better stop her from doing this. I would sue her if I could for 6000$
The value of the set

Jun 26, 2017

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